Saturday, September 14, 2019

How to change the Password(s) for the User Account(s)?

The Read-Only Administrators or monitor-only administrators cannot change their passwords from the Admin Console. These administrators can change their passwords using the User Portal.
Note: Password changes through the User Portal only works when authentication is done through Sophos Firewall Local Database. If an external server (AD/RADIUS/LDAP/eDirectory/TACACS+) is used for authentication, administrators or end-users will not be able to change their passwords through the User Portal.
Scenario: Change the password of the read-only Administrator profile. As an example, change the password for the user John Smith.

What to do

Step 1: Log in to User Portal

  1. Access Sophos Firewall LAN Address ( and Log in to the User portal.

Step 2: Change Password      

  1. Personal > Change Password and enter your current password and the new password.
  2. Click Save to confirm.