Friday, September 13, 2019

Sophos Network Agent - for Android Smartphones

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Sophos Network Agent (Google Play Store Link) allows a local network user to authenticate himself/herself to the Sophos XG Firewall with an Android device. Once the connection is established and the user is recognized, the device can be used for browsing through the Internet, according to the current user policy set up by the administrator. This article describes the procedure to download the Sophos Network Agent application for mobile devices and import the client authentication certificate to authenticate to the Sophos XG Firewall.

Client authentication certificate: download and import

  1. Download and install the relevant Sophos Network Agent application from the list below.
          This application allows a user to authenticate themselves to the Sophos Firewall.
  2. Log in to the Sophos Firewall User Portal from your mobile device and go to Download client.
  3. Under Authentication clients, select Download certificate for iOS/Android client to download the client authentication certificate.

  5. Open the Sophos Network Agent application and import the certificate which you have just downloaded from the Sophos Firewall User Portal. Click Yes.

  6. Enter your login credentials in the Network Agent and you should now be able to connect and authenticate to the Sophos Firewall.

  7. NOTE
    : When your mobile phone is locked (generally observed with iOS devices) or when network connectivity is lost, you will disconnect from the application and your device is no longer authenticated. Relaunch the application to connect again.